Useful Links

There is a robust research community that is focused on understanding and documenting the environmental effects of marine energy devices. Here we provide some useful links to resources, including industry and government bodies that are working in this expanding area of research.

Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory

Triton Stories

Industry Links:

Wave Energy Prize

Marine Energy Council

Marine Renewables Canada

Ocean Energy Systems 

Environmental Monitoring Instrument Developer Links:

Integral Consulting

Biosonics, Inc.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory

Florida Atlantic University

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Environmental Reports:

Review of Available Models for Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy

OES-Environmental 2020 State of the Science Report 

Effects of EMFs from Undersea Power Cables on Elasmobranchs and other Marine Species

Mapping and Assessment of the United States Ocean Wave Energy Resource

Maritime Renewable Energy Markets: Power from the Sea

Ocean Energy Systems (OES) Spotlight on Ocean Energy Report 

Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) Forward Look 

Seabird Distribution and Abundance In the Offshore Environment Final Report

Annex IV 2016 State of the Science Report 

Water Power Technologies Office Peer Review Report 



Tethys Engineering 

MHK Atlas

MHK Database 

Test Sites and Marine Renewable Energy Centers:

Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center


Pacific Marine Energy Center

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Tanana River Site

General Marine Energy Information:


Department of Energy Water Power Technologies Office