Environmental Monitoring Technologies for Marine Energy



Triton is based at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Marine Sciences Laboratory (MSL), DOE’s only marine station.


MSL is located on marine waters, at the mouth of Sequim Bay, leading into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington State, on the Pacific coast.  Road access is suitable for flatbed trucks to the pier, leading to easy access to a protected in-water bay environment or a more exposed location in the strait.


PNNL has the capabilities and facilities to support testing and the expertise to support instrumentation and software development.



  • Research pier with integral power and data connections, and floating dock

  • Secure over-water WiFi network

  • Office facilities

  • Wet and dry laboratory space

  • Availability of flowing seawater or freshwater at any temperature or salinity

  • On-site waste water treatment and Washington Department of Ecology permitted discharge

  • Large outdoor experimental tanks

  • Vessels and qualified crew:

  • RV Strait Science – 28 foot research vessel with A-frame

  • SAFE boat – high performance 23 foot vessel

  • Qualified scientific dive team


Environmental Conditions

  • Water depths up to 12 m in channel

  • Water depths up to 32 m in bay

  • Peak current speeds up to 2 m/s


Please follow the links to download the reports for the bathymetric data collected and the distribution of currents through the channel (measured by a vessel mounted acoustic Doppler current profiler).



Marine Sciences Laboratory

1529 W. Sequim Bay Road

Sequim, WA 98382